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Financial Advice 4 Card Tarot Reading

Recommended for those who make money in multiple ways and need advice about what to prioritize or focus on. In this spread we’ll look at what business or job you need to focus on, what you should avoid, what will help you maintain focus, and any other words of advice the cards may have for you.

This is an original spread created by me. Read with the Rider-Waite deck.

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Tell Me About Today Spread


1. What do I need to know about today? (General reading about the day)

2. What should I focus on?

3. What should I avoid?

This is my first spread I’ve made myself, I use it fairly often and find it very helpful for maintaining focus and order throughout my day.

New Moon Tarot Reading ~ $10


The New Moon is going to be October 1 and is a great time to contemplate what needs to be increased in your life as the moon begins to wax and grow. What are you lacking? Neglecting? Where should you be putting your focus? What do you need to bring more of into your life as we enter into October?

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