Rules for Tarot Readings

When readings are open, you can get a free one card reading.

I also offer 3-23 card readings for a fee (message for details)

Topics I will not read for:

  • yes/no questions
  • anything about death, divorce, destiny, crime, legal advice, health*, or births/pregnancies
  • big, vague, questions about the future (ex. “Will I get married/graduate/have kids/be the CEO of a major corporation”)

* There are some mental health related questions that I will read for, like “how can I channel my anger into something productive”

– I reserve the right to reject any request for any reason

  • I do all of my readings high.
  • I use the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck, but use a variety of interpretations, including my own and the Black Tarot associations.
  • I post all readings publicly. Please specify if you want a private answer.
  • Non-anons get answered before anons.
  • One card readings are free, but tips are appreciated. You can send money directly via Google Wallet to or you can send me something from my witchcraft wishlist.
  • And finally, please keep in mind that I am an amateur and I may make mistakes. Use your own common sense and don’t hesitate to get readings from different people for the same question. And please, I encourage you to tell me if you see a mistake in my reading! Honest feedback, whether positive or negative, is highly appreciated.