My Philosophy

I am a skeptical mystic. I assume there is a difference between what I know and what I believe. I know that the universe is billions of years old and ever expanding. I know that that life evolved from single-celled organisms. I know that everything that lives will die. I don’t know what happens after we die*. I believe that the universe and everything in it composes one single being. I believe all life is a facet of supreme consciousness. I believe that the hierarchy of life continues beyond human beings. I believe we know as much about these higher beings as the ants know about us. I do not believe in an ultimate plan. I don’t believe anything happens for a reason. I believe that everything happens, happens because it can and the universe is curious. But I also know that I could be completely wrong.

*Logically and intellectually I know that when you die, you cease to exist. All of your components will be broken down and turned into something else and the electrical activity in your brain will stop and YOU will simply stop. But emotionally and spiritually I hope that we “go” somewhere and our human experience is traded for another experience and the process of existing and discovering simply continues somewhere else.

I read tarot and practice witchcraft, but struggle to personally believe that the results are because of magic or psychic powers, although I admit it is possible. I tend to assume that my successful readings/spells/charms are due to human psychology. I do not, however, look down on those who whole-heartedly believe in magic, psychic powers, and supernatural beings, such as ghosts, spirits, demons, angels, deities, ect. You do you and I’ll do me.

I expect over time what I know and believe will change and grow as it has already. I am only here to learn.