Spell craft in progress

I’m finally about to do some serious, well-thought out spell craft to cast tomorrow night. I’m still not done writing it. 

It’s a spell to bring understanding, clarity, and peace to my mother, whom I no longer talk to because I’m trying to heal from the damage she inflicted on me. 

I’ve already said everything I can to her, she has it in writing, but she still emails me once a month trying to get me to hit the “forgive mum” button. I’ve done what I can, it’s time for some magik. 

I’m already planning on incorporating blood and tears, as well as elemental energy and sigil work, but I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/ideas? I think this is gonna end up being more like a three-part ritual?? I don’t use a lot of traditional magik, I just research my ingredients and go with what feels right, but I’m open to outside ideas and advice. 


With Halloween and Samhain coming up, I want to push myself a little bit and delve a little farther into the areas of witchcraft and Satanism that i’ve been avoiding before now, either out of fear, intimidation, lack of energy, or just genuine laziness.

But idk what I wanna do. I’m already planning on spending some time in the graveyard, just to learn who’s there, but other than that… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk!

What are you doing to celebrate this year?

Educational Witchcraft RPG

i’m currently working on a little rpg that just teaches some of the basics of witchcraft.

I’m covering:

  • divination
  • BOS/Grimoires
  • Will/magik
  • The elements/four corners/tools
  • herbs
  • crystals
  • spirits/spirit guides
  • meditation/grounding/shielding
  • cleansing
  • lunar phases
  • astrology
  • spell craft
  • necromancy
  • shadow work
  • thought forms

I’m an atheist eclectic witch, I don’t practice wicca, and I don’t have any deities, so I’m not really comfortable covering those topics, but is there anything you think I might be missing?

This Witch Needs Help

I was not able to donate plasma this week, which means I also don’t get to buy groceries. I am both physically disabled and mentally ill, this is a real problem for me right now and there’s no food in my house except some plain oatmeal.

I’m offering 1 or 3 card readings right now. Pay what you can, I’m just trying to get a little grocery/toiletry/medication money together.

Message me here, or email me at ladythcxoxo@gmail.com if you’re interested in a reading!

Money can be sent to the same email via google wallet.

To Reverse or Not To Reverse

I know some tarot readers just turn their cards right side up while others read the reverse. I have a hard time with both… I’ve done readings using reverse readings in the past, but recently I’ve stopped.

Some cards just feel like they have no reverse interpretation to me? I have a reverse interpretation in my tarot journal for every card, but some just feel… wrong. But at the same time, some cards, esp the major arcana, seem to have really strong reverse interpretations? Idk

As I write this I realize maybe I should try only reading reverse major cards?

What do you think?