Spell craft in progress

I’m finally about to do some serious, well-thought out spell craft to cast tomorrow night. I’m still not done writing it. 

It’s a spell to bring understanding, clarity, and peace to my mother, whom I no longer talk to because I’m trying to heal from the damage she inflicted on me. 

I’ve already said everything I can to her, she has it in writing, but she still emails me once a month trying to get me to hit the “forgive mum” button. I’ve done what I can, it’s time for some magik. 

I’m already planning on incorporating blood and tears, as well as elemental energy and sigil work, but I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/ideas? I think this is gonna end up being more like a three-part ritual?? I don’t use a lot of traditional magik, I just research my ingredients and go with what feels right, but I’m open to outside ideas and advice. 


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