Learning The Court Cards


I recently determined to get a firm grasp on the court cards, as they are the last ones to really stump me. To do so, I pulled all the court cards from my deck and separated them by kind (pages with pages, etc) and examined each group to determine what the cards in each group have in common with each other.

The progression of one card relating to and moving into the next, as we see with the Fool’s journey and the rest of the minor arcana, also relates to the court cards.

We start with the Page, the manifestation and embodiment of her suit; creativity is born into a new and eager form in the page of wands, for example. She is young and curious, examining and exploring herself as creativity, while also being an expression of creativity itself.The Knight is his suit in action. In the case of The Knight of Swords, he is the practice of intellect. He is determined to finish his task/journey and shows discipline in his field. The knight also represents travel and messages. Once the Knight accomplishes his quest, he becomes the Queen; the examination and contemplation of the outcome of her suit in action (the result of the Knight’s quest). She enjoys herself and the benefits the action provided her. Once she has determined it to be good, smoothed all the edges, she becomes the King; the complete maturation of his suit. He enjoys the final result and benefits of all his previous hard work. He sits upon his thrown, secure in himself and in his wisdom, sure of his accomplishments and abilities. The King does not doubt himself.

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