Card of The Day: Ace of Cups


The Universe extends its hand in offering to you; drink deeply of this joyful energy and find refreshment!

This is a card of emotional beginnings, (often identifying a new relationship/friendship) as well as emotional development. When doing shadow work, the Ace of Cups often represents early childhood development. What were your first lessons on emotions and feelings, and how to recognize. monitor, and control them? Where/who did those lessons come from? Were those lessons valuable and useful, or were they destructive and unhelpful? Often we learn how to regulate our emotions by watching and imitating the adults in our lives. Unfortunately, the adults who were in charge of us as children aren’t always emotional balanced or healthy and it’s easy for children to pick up bad habits from parents/guardians that we carry into adulthood. Are there some bad lessons that need unlearning? Are there any good lessons you’ve forgotten or neglected?

This card also deals with emotional honesty and candor. Are you hiding or repressing any emotions/feelings? Would if benefit you or your relationships to be more emotionally candid and open with your loved ones?

Meditative though: What emotional lessons have you been taught that need to be re-examined?

Leave your thoughts/interpretations/disagreements in the comments!



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